“Right-sizing” to Your Next Home

Rightsizing Your Home“Right-sizing” to Your Next Home – A Time of Challenge and Excitement

Whether you are moving up to a larger home or simplifying life and moving to a smaller home “Right-sizing’ to Your Next Home can be an exciting and fulfilling achievement. In the current Lake Norman area real estate market, many homeowners were fortunate enough to buy a number of years ago and are now ready to receive a good return on their investment.  The national financial markets are strong and enabling buyers to obtain financing at great interest rates.  A large factor in the rise of home values is rooted in the simple concept of “Supply and Demand.” Right now, in the Lake Norman area, resale inventory is low. If you are thinking about “Right-sizing’‘ to Your Next Home  this may be the time to do it.

Discover: “Right-sizing” to Your Next Home

Here are a few reasons:

  1. There are tens of thousands of buyers and only a few thousand homes on the market at any given time. When multiple buyers are bidding on the same property, the price can easily jump thousands of dollars. This is great news for sellers.
  2. Consistent growth is predicted in the Lake Norman area housing market. Numbers like 4-5% in home value growth per year is music to the ears.
  3. More homes are being updated prior to listing. If you are “Right-sizing’ to Your Next Home, you’ll have a great chance at finding the perfect property that has  been remodeled. Sellers want to bring in the highest offers and they understand that an updated home will achieve this. 

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