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Rightsizing  simplifying,, plain living – whatever name you use it has become a necessity if one takes the continuing increase in the cost of living expenses consideration. My discussion with you about Downsizing Made Easy will cover topics that will leave you more informed  .  There are a number of life changing events that affect a person’s current housing situation and, therefore, may require a change of living arrangements. These events can include but are not limited to adult children “leaving the nest”, a divorce, financial difficulties or having a home that requires more time invested in maintenance than you are willing to invest at this stage of life , downsizng to a smaller living space can be a feasible decision. I beegin our discussion by talking about why is a good idea and whether it is a good idea for you. One of the key reasons include financial concerns, a streamlined life and the opportunity to convert spaces into places that will facilitate the activities you enjoy in your home..

Of course, even if the reasons mentioned ring a bell, that does not mean that this option should be entertained by every  homeowner.  We can and should talk about if this option is the right one for you.  I can help you to prioritize your needs so that your choice of living arrangements will provide maximum benefit to those priorities  Need help with deciding what to take  and what to donate or sell?  I can guide you with that as well..

There are critical factors that should be taken into account before relocating into a smaller space or downsizing an existing one. These range from adjusting to living in a smaller space than you might be used to and how flexible you should be to the tax benefits you can get by hiring a tax preparer beforehand.

Planning is key to Downsizing Made Easy not only smoother but more profitable even after you have relocated. The main concern  in this includes the space you will have to work with in the new home and the importance of taking dimensions and measurements into account beforehand. Call me to discuss the do’s and don’ts of downsizing which include pitfalls that can make the transition sporadic and more stressful than it has to be.

Although this is far from a complete guide to downsizing, the tips will give you a starting point and guide you on the essentials that cannot be ignored. The key is to disassociate yourself from your existing home and the transition will become way easier and smoother as a result.

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