Dear Buyer: What do I do FOR YOU?

Just as  children don’t appreciate what their parents do for them at times homebuyers do not recognize all that is entailed for a smooth home purchase. Denyse Naylor of The Naylor Team is ready to answer the question : Dear Buyer: What do I do FOR YOU? It’s important for a buyer to know all of the effort a buyer’s agent puts into their home purchase and why it is better for them to work with an agent who has earned their ABR designation. buyers agent

Dear Buyer: What do I do FOR YOU?

  1. Help Arrange Financing . Denyse Naylor of The Naylor Team with Southern Homes of the Carolinas will assist in locating a trusted lender.Many buyers, especially first time home buyers, have no experience navigating the mortgage landscape. and, with all of the  recent changes in the lending industry, even seasoned buyers may be unfamiliar with how things have changed since their last purchase.
  2. Find the Right Property. Home buyers relying on Zillow or Trulia to find available properties that satisfy most of their wants and needs in a home may find the information provided by those sources to be unreliable – especially in terms of value. Studies show that most home buyers do rely on their agent to find the right home and that is a wise decision. A buyers market analysis with comps available to brokers will help a buyer in deciding on a good offering price for a home.
  3. Educate buyers on current local market conditions.  My job is to provide you with all of the information I can gather on any particular property so that you, the buyer, can make an informed decision.  Put this information together with Denyse Naylor’s 17+ years of experience as a Buyer’s Agent in the Lake Norman area and you will be one satisfied, happy client! I will provide a snap shot of current market conditions when we meet for our Buyer’s Initial consultation appointment.

Guide clients through making an offer and negotiations. This is a crucial part of what Denyse Naylor will do for you as I answer the question: Dear Buyer: What do I do FOR YOU? I will help you to develop a negotiating strategy based upon the property, market conditions, your position as a buyer and your priorities.

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Dear Buyer: What do I do FOR YOU?  I can assist you in your purchase with experience, honesty and skill!